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OK, so the first thing I do is look at it and say, “errrr I need to move the word ‘charming’ over a bit, and ditto the ‘JUNO’ as well”.

How often do you do that to yourself?  You say to yourself “It’s not perfect”, “I still need to work on it, so I will shove it to the side and come back to it when I can”.  Then you keep putting it off.

So here is my imperfect stab at some chalky art to welcome Lindsay Rae of Sew to Grow to our sewing course.

My journey to make my first display chalkboard started with a friend suggesting that I look at the book ‘The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering’ by Valerie McKeehan, who has a great instagram feed and website called LilyandVal.  My friend had the book and wanted to try it too.

I ended up spending some mutual fun time chalking with my friend, with our children eagerly looking at what we were doing and joining in.  This mean that we needed more chalkboards for the budding artists.

So then I called in my Dad to help on a family visit to the grandparents, and together in my Dad’s shed we cut and made 7 chalkboards, with some MDF and chalkboard paint.

We returned home, leaving a chalkboard with the grandparents to pass on to a nephew.  Just sharing the chalky love.

Arriving at home and after doing the last sanding of the boards, we had a line up of little people just spending time drawing away.  Here’s a sample of one of the efforts from a budding entrepreneur who is determined to make a fortune with a cupcake stall.

So, just by trying something new, following a book, I ended up having a lot of fun with a lovely friend, my children and my Dad.  Oh and on the way managed to find a new creative outlet to enjoy. I’m really looking forward to spending more time learning new techniques and just drawing away.

Go on, give something new a try today.

And FYI my ‘Welcome’ chalkboard looked great on the day in the sunshine at the course!  Thank you to Lindsay for the photo.