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Why live with the typical office chair decor when you can cover it with something adorable that makes you happy?

Covering an office chair with fabric is so easy that the hardest part is deciding which fabulous fabric to choose.

Here is one of my little places of happiness, my current sewing space.

Please note that it is only looking quite so tidy as it also doubles as the spare room and I’m between two successive weekends of having guests to stay!  I have big plans for this space and there is something quite special about that feeling of germinating an idea and nourishing it to grow.

That lovely morsel of Elizabeth Hartman loveliness is an office chair that I covered in the quick space of a Friday afternoon after picking up the children from school.

It was a simple as using a screwdriver to take off the pads which had fabric on them, covering the existing fabric with Rhoda Ruth Starlight Evening, stapling it all in place with a staple gun, and screwing it all back together again.  I have done a chair with removing the existing fabric, but that is a very long story involving pulling out lots of staples and broken finger nails.  A story I decided was not worth repeating for this chair.

Just looking at that chair now makes me happy.  Bliss!

Elizabeth Hartman for Robert Kaufman | Cotton Rhoda Ruth Starlight Evening