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I have been considering covering a table with fabric and Mod Podge for a very long time.

I went through the thought process of using laminate/slicker and some glue, but the swoon inducing range of cotton fabrics lead me to conclude that I might as well grab some cotton fabric and Mod Podge that to a table instead.

Actually I did this little number over a year ago.  So, I have the bonus opportunity to also say how it has weathered the storm that is our family life.


On the whole my funky mod podged table covered with an Elizabeth Hartman design with Snow Leopards is fabulous!  It has lasted really well over the year.   The big improvement I intend to make is to cover it with a clear varnish, to reduce a bit of tackyness which has remained over the year.

So what did I do to create this bastion of loveliness?

I took a rather grotesque looking brown formica table that had been hanging round, suggesting to me by its very presence that something needed to be done about this.  It was of the typical ‘I’m a table from an office’ variety.

I then took some lovely fabric designed by Elizabeth Hartman for Robert Kaufman, and covered the table with the fabric and copious amounts of Mod Podge.

The first task was to size up the fabric.  I decided to cut enough fabric to cover the top of the table, the sides and a few centimetres under the table.

After cutting up the fabric, I brushed a layer of Mod Podge on the table, then stretched over the fabric.  At this stage I only did the flat top of the table, letting the overlap fabric hang loosely over the sides.

I then used a ruler to brush out the air bubbles.  I confess that I had to pick up the fabric a couple of times to restretch it over the table in my mission to get rid of any many air bubbles as possible.  I then did another coat of Mod Podge immediately over the fabric.

I let the flat top of the table dry for 20 minutes or so, before starting on the sides/corners/underneath of the table.  I repeated the Mod Podge initial coat, then molded on the fabric, with extra Mod Podge to help mold the fabric around the corners, sides and underneath.

After letting it dry until it was touch dry.  I repeated another couple of layers of interior Mod Podge, finishing off with a layer of exterior Mod Podge.  I tried to leave enough time between each layer to allow it to dry properly.

Finally it was dry enough to use – very exciting!

Over the year it has been a portable sewing table, a craft table, a printer/paper table, a working on work table, and sigh, even a dumping spot.  Initially I thought the tackyness would wear off, but as it is still there, I need to do something about it as items left on it too long stick quite firmly AKA the printer when it was living on there.

Overall though, I have been very happy with the result.  Snow Leopards on Diamond flowers, I mean what’s not to love about that?!

Elizabeth Hartman for Robert Kaufman | Cotton Rhoda Ruth Pendant Nightfall

Elizabeth Hartman for Robert Kaufman | Cotton Rhoda Ruth Pendant Petal