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Here is an easy guide on how to make an Origami Fabric Bag – A Shopping Bag.

This is the third post in a series about creating Origami Fabric Bags, a very simple alternative to using plastic bags.

You can read all about how to make the first bag in this post here  and the second bag in this post here.

To recap though, all I wanted was a simple bag.  In a world that seems to be filled with far too much plastic, you try your best to do what you can in your little corner of the world.

I have a collection of resusable bags, but they take up space, far too much space it seems sometimes, especially the bags that are fairly fixed in structure.

Another alternative, one that can be used for yourself or as the perfect gift, is an Origami Fabric Bag.

The simple beauty of this solution is that all it takes is a piece of fabric.  One that can be folded up and reused for something else if you choose.  The fabric can be in different sizes and different fabric types.  Just absolutely perfect!

I have a few different bag types that I use, so each week for a few weeks, I have been posting up some of my favourite Origami Fabric Bags for you to try out, and see which one of your favourite.

Instructions for How to Make a Shopping Bag

Firstly I took a square of fabric.  I used this Tula Pink All Stars Owl Peony Cotton which measured 110cm (44in) wide, and just cut off about 110 cm in length.

I then folded over hems on the two raw cut sides, about 1/4 inch, twice, tucking in the raw edge.  After ironing the hems, I sewed along the edge.  The selvage ends, I left as is.  I always do a few stitches backwards over my sewing at the end of each hem, just to make sure the thread ends do not unravel.


I then followed these very simple instructions as per the picture below.  For this bag, as well as working out where you want the knots to be, you also need to shuffle the final handle of the bag around a bit to ensure that you have the bag that works for you, as the positioning of the handle affects the shape and holding capacity of the bag:

And there you have it, another very easy to make Shopping Bag, which fits nicely over your shoulder to carry items out when shopping.


Try it with different types of fabric as well as different sizes for different uses, enjoy!

Next week, I will show you another style of Origami Fabric Bags.

There are so many flavours of colours and designs in the Tula Pink All Stars Collection, here is just a snippet!  Which one is your favourite?

Tula Pink for Free Spirit | Cotton All Stars Owl Peony

Tula Pink for Free Spirit | Cotton All Stars Frog Prince Myrtle

Tula Pink for Free Spirit | Cotton All Stars Raccoon Agave

Tula Pink for Free Spirit | Cotton All Stars Pom Poms Agave