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The Fit to Flatter Course Sew to Grow.   Wow, what an exhilarating 2 days those eight words now mean to me!

The 2 day course was hosted by the Sew to Grow Pattern Designer and Seamstress Extraordinaire, Lindsay Rae.  The course was held at our Charming Juno Fabric Shed.  As we are an online based fabric business, it was a lot of fun meeting my fellow sewing enthusiasts and learning some new sewing skills together.

For the course you can make either the Bondi Top (which now comes with a Bondi Top Extention PDF), Sweet Summertime Dress or Peplum top, or the Noosa Shift.  A couple of our ladies attempted the Meridian Knit Dress as well.

Day One | Making the Muslin

The course starts with Lindsay taking you through how to get the right measurements.  This is so essential in getting the right fit!  Lindsay then guided us each individually one-on-one with picking the right pattern size to use.  Typically most of us take the biggest measurement and work in from there.  Whereas Lindsay made sure we picked the right, usually smaller size for to work with, with the promise of learning new skills such as a bust extension and even an upper back expansion.

We learnt how to trace our customized sizing onto Vilene / Interfacing with a French Curve.  Lindsay took the time to show us the intricacies of this wonderful tool (which many of us had never used), which allows you to trace out and adjust your patterns with ease.

Using our customized patterns, we then used a muslin fabric (or whatever fabric we could cope with Lindsay slashing into), to make a mock up of our finished outfit.  Then it was time for Lindsay to critique our finished mock up’s.  She made the necessary adjustments, which in some cases was a tuck here and there, but in other cases was a complete slashing of the mock up to ensure we got that perfect fit.

When making the mock up, there is no hemming or overlocking/serging done, as the main purpose of the mock up is to get that perfect fit and to check the lengths of sleeves and hems.  Ensuring that we stuck to Lindsay’s prescribed 3/4 inch seams was crucial.

While it might seem a lot of work to make a complete mock up outfit beforehand, it was good practice of the method required to make the pattern, and it also ensured that before we cut into our good fabric, we were going to have a bespoke fitted outfit.

We then moved onto the most exciting part of the day, picking which fabulous fabric to use for our final outfits!  By the end of the day we all had our final adjusted patterns cut out of our final outfit fabrics.

Day Two | Our Finished Outfits!

The second day was a blur with us all taking the time to sew together our individually customized patterns.  We all needed to take the time to do our hems properly, overlock and press as we went.

I am very impressed with how Lindsay managed to spread herself out to each and every person so well.  She managed to take the time to work through with each person on their outfit, guiding them through the inevitable missteps along the way.

When there was a special adjustment that needed to be done, such as inserting an invisible zipper. Lindsay took us through it all together, with all of us secretly jealous of the lucky person who was having their garment used as the example piece!

Drumroll Please | Finished Outfits!

With all of those last minute finishes done, we all had out final outfits finished!  And of course no Sew to Grow Course would be complete without the final photo call…


One of the absolute best things about doing a Fit to Flatter Course Sew to Grow course is that you are guaranteed to go home with a finished outfit.

As Charming Juno was hosting the course I wore the Sweet Summertime Dress that I completed for the Fit to Flatter Course Sew to Grow last year for the photos above.   However I did manage to do some evening sewing to finish off my Bondi Top with the extension pack and casing in an Amy Butler cotton poplin.  Here I am along with Mel in her Bondi Top that she managed to whip up as well, in a stunning Tula Pink All Stars quilting cotton.

Lindsay’s website has a range of really good tutorials which go over the lessons learned in the course, whether it be a bust extension, inserting an invisible zipper or another pattern adjustment that you just need to make.  Have a look here when you have a moment.

Thank you Lindsay, we are looking forward to having you back with us!

We also did the Bespoke Blazer course with Lindsay, coming up soon in our next blog.

Happy Sewing!